We offer custom-tailored payment solutions for low and high-risk business types.

About Us

Who We Are

We are the experts in payment processor procurement for high and low-risk industries.

What We Do

Sourcing and vetting payment processors is very time consuming. We will work on your behalf to match your business with the payment processor that works best for you.

How We Help

High Wire Payments can provide access to a wide variety of suppliers that deliver a white-glove customer experience with the best fee structure and rates.


We specialize in hard-to-place merchants. We provide reliable solutions so you can focus on running your business and not worry about being cancelled by your payment processor.

Countertop terminals, point-of-sale, and wireless solutions allow you to accept payments wherever your customer may be. We provide access to the best equipment manufacturers with the most state-of-the-art processing technology.

Provide your clients with the best checkout experience possible. Customize the payment experience for your customers with our SDKs & APIs, or utilize a variety of pre-built integrations to connect to most e-commerce platforms.

We offer quick business funding when you need it. With several types of business loan products, we are fully committed to finding the solution that most accurately fits your business needs.

With both surcharging and cash discounting, we offer compliance-centered solutions to help reduce payment processing costs and keep more money in your business.

Save money by utilizing ACH payments to send and receive money directly from a customers’ bank account.

Our Process

01 Scope

We develop the scope of requirements that align best with your objectives and create project templates to make execution simple.

02 Source

We source from our curated portfolio of suppliers that can deliver your business requirements and make them compete for your business.

03 Manage

We manage the supplier evaluation process from start to finish, providing a full summary along with a detailed pricing analysis.

04 Select

We oversee the application and underwriting process for the supplier that was chosen.

05 Validate

After facilitating the deployment, we inspect the deliverables and pricing to validate that everything matches your invoice and contract.

06 Advocate

After deployment, we then shift our focus to being a customer advocate, ensuring the supplier is going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience.



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